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New HFES Executive Council Members Elected – August 30

Improved Passphrases Could Make Online Experiences Both User-Friendly and Secure – August 1

2018 Election of Officers – July 26

Warnings to Texting Pedestrians May Not Eliminate Risks, But They Can Help – June 19

Researchers Challenge the “Levels of Automation” Framework in Automated Vehicles – June 4

Submissions Invited for the 2018 Human Factors Prize – June 4

Will Automated Vehicles Take the Stress Out of Driving? Research Says "Don't Count on It." – May 7

Going Beyond "Human Error" – April 30

Graduate Student Wins Design Contest for Mobile Health App for Those Considering Elective Mastectomy – April 11

Calling for Better Police Body Cam Design – April 11

Don’t Talk and Drive: Examination of Nearly 100 Prior Studies on Cell Phone Use in Cars Underscores Hazards – March 5

Virtual/Mixed Reality Submissions Invited for 2018 Human Factors Prize – January 8

Inattentional Blindness: Why Drivers May Fail to See Motorcycles in Plain Sight – January 4


Abbott Laboratories and Hill-Rom Receive 2017 User-Centered Product Design Award – December 20

"Prevalence Paradox" Captures Hacker Strategy, Design Solutions, and the Human Factors Prize – November 15

Testing a Web-Based Teen Driver Training Program to Manage Distraction – November 9


Can Sit-Stand Workstations Combat Obesity? Research Says Maybe Not. – November 9


HFES Honors New Fellows and 2017 Awardees at 61st Annual Meeting – October 17

It's National Ergonomics Month – October 1

New HFES Officers and Council Members Elected – August 25

HFES Welcomes Interim Executive Director Julie Freeman – August 10

App Concept Tackles Medication Reminders for Children With Chronic Diseases – July 24

Autonomous Vehicles, Wearable Tech Workplace Safety Among Topics To Be Presented at HFES 2017 – July 21


2017 Election of Officers – July 18

New Findings Aim to Improve Global Medical Device Standard on Auditory Alarms – June 8

Submissions Invited for 2017 Human Factors Prize on Cybersecurity Human Factors Research – May 15

Big Data Study of Disaster-Related Language Style in Social Media Awarded 2016 Human Factors Prize – April 18

Despite Relatively Less Distraction From Head-Up Displays, It’s Still a Bad Idea to Text While Driving – April 12

Patients at Risk From “Nested Interruptions” in Nursing Tasks, New Human Factors Article Reports – February 28

Building a Better Model of Human-Automation Interaction – February 6

Proposals Invited for HFES 2017 Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas – January 26

Over to You, Automation: New Study Suggests Guidelines for Takeover Time in Automated Vehicles –January 26

Evidence-Based, Impactful Solutions From Leading Ergonomics Experts: Register Now for ErgoX 2017 – January 24


On the Road to Autonomy, Remember the Operator – December 16

2017 Health-Care Symposium Program Covers Handoff Communication, Device and Facility Design, EHRs and Health Apps, and a Lot More – December 13

User-Friendly Medication Packaging Design Can Boost Patient Safety – December 9

Expectation Versus Reality in the Acceptance of Self-Driving Cars – December 5

Usability Assessment Offers “Expert Over Your Shoulder” – December 5

How Much Attention Do Drivers Need to Pay? – November 18

Tenth Volume of Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making Examines Complex Work Environments and Their Design – November 15

Human Factors Launches Replication Studies Initiative – November 2

Moving Toward a Gold Standard in Patient Handoff Protocols – November 1

It’s (Still) National Ergonomics Month – October 24

HFES Announces 2016 YouTube Video Contest Winners – September 29

HFES Awardees Recognized for Excellence During 2016 International Annual Meeting – September 28

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Announces Election of 12 Members to Fellow – September 28

What Makes a Video Game Great? There’s Now a Scientific Way to Stop GUESSing – September 20

Zebra Technologies to Receive Product Design Award – September 15

HFES Annual Meeting Presentations to Focus on Human Factors in Cyber Security – September 2

Personnel Selection and Training Could Mitigate the Effects of Cognitive Lock-Up Among Automation Operators – September 2

Latest Findings From Human Factors Research on Automated Systems and Vehicles To Be Presented at HFES 2016 Annual Meeting – September 1

"30Free4Thirty" Offers Top Human Factors Research on Humans and Automation – August 8

Helping Doctors Transform Their Practices Into Patient-Centered Models of
Health Care – July 20

Which Free Web Apps for Collaboration Are the Most User-Friendly? – May 25

Cybersecurity, Autonomous Vehicles, Virtual Reality Among Topics Covered at HFES 2016 Annual Meeting – May 25

ErgoX 2016: Practical, Evidence-Based Solutions from Leading Ergonomics
Experts – April 29

Robots May be Able to Lift, Drive, and Chat, But Are They Safe and Trustworthy? – April 25

Standing Up for Comfort: Ergonomics Study Finds Users Need Different Setups When Standing at a Computer Workstation – April 12

Who(What)’s Driving and When? Two New Studies Look at the Human Factors of Self-Driving Cars Through the Eyes and Ears of Drivers – February 24

“Haptic Glasses” Could Make Car Navigation Safer, Less Distracting – February 10

Program and Registration Now Available for ErgoX: An Extraordinary Ergonomics Event – February 10

Big Data Submissions Invited for 2016 Human Factors Prize – January 25