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ErgoX Symposium: Exoskeletons in the Workplace - Assessing Safety, Usability, & Productivity

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The ErgoX Symposium premiered during the 2018 HFES Annual Meeting as a full-day event on Monday, October 1. The symposium aimed at:

  • providing an update on human factors, safety, and ergonomics research methods for exoskeletons;

  • highlighting standards and technology on exoskeletons; and

  • informing and educating stakeholders (designers, users, and researchers) about exoskeleton types, applications, and their potential to reduce injuries and increase human performance (productivity, quality, etc.). 

Organized in cooperation with the ASTM International Committee on Exoskeletons and Exosuits F48, the ErgoX exoskeleton symposium brought together professionals from three groups to share their knowledge, experience, and goals:

  1. Designers and producers will showcase and demonstrate their products.  

  2. Researchers from universities and government agencies will provide information on approaches to the design of human factors research on exoskeletons to appropriately assess fit, usability, safety, ergonomics, productivity and cost-effectiveness.

  3. Users and workers with experience using exoskeletons in production environments will share their evaluation methods, expectations, and findings, both positive and negative.

HFES thanks ErgoX partners National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the National Academies of Sciences' Board on Human Systems Integration.