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HFES Leadership

Executive Council

Kermit G. Davis,
University of Cincinnati
Immediate Past President
Valerie J. Berg Rice,
U.S. Army Research Laboratory
M. Susan Hallbeck,
Mayo Clinic
Christopher R. Reid,
Boeing Company
Immediate Past Secretary‑Treasurer
Carolyn M. Sommerich,
Ohio State University
Caroline G. L. Cao,
Wright State University
At-Large Executive Council Member
Thomas J. Albin,
High Plains Engineering Services, LLC
At-Large Executive Council Member

Ellen Bass,
Drexel University
At-Large Executive Council Member
Sara Czaja,
Cornell Medicine
At-Large Executive Council Member
Paul A. Green,
University of Michigan
At-Large Executive Council Member
Richard J. Holden,
Indiana University
At-Large Executive Council Member
Nancy L. J. Larson
Nancy LJ Larson Consulting, LLC

Division Chairs

Education Division Beth-Blick-headshot.jpg
 Beth Blickensderfer,
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Internal Affairs Division
Jennifer M. Riley, 
Design Interactive, Inc.
Outreach Division
Karen Jacobs,
Boston University
Scientific Publications Division
Bill J. Horrey,
AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
Technical Standards Division
Bob R. Fox,
General Motors Corporation

Staff Directors

HFES Interim Executive Director Julie Freeman
Communications Director Lois Smith
Director of Member Services Carlos de Falla

HFES 2019 Organizational Chart

View a list of all HFES officers, editors, and committee chairs from 1957 to present.

Listen to a town hall meeting regarding the change in HFES management effective November 1, 2018.